Saturday, May 24, 2008

Distinguished Visitors, II

Wow, what a day. Shown is the Surgeon General of the Afghan National Army, Major General Yaftali with our team leader CAPT Richerson (same rank as colonel in other services). MG Yaftali spent the last two days meeting the hospital staff and mentors and touring the facilities. He is in charge of health care delivery for the soldiers and their families and is the top of the Chain of Command for the hospital. He spoke to a large meeting of the staff and mentors for over an hour in Dari. He concluded in English for the several mentors there. He observed the wonderful improvements in the hospital, thanked us and said "You came to Afghanistan, not to read a story, not to write a story, but to make a story". Wow.
After the meeting with the General, I was then asked to by the deputy commander of the hospital to meet another distinguished visitor, Haji Abdul Khaleq Mir, the Deputy Governor of Herat Province. They wanted me to review his test results and advise him on his health. What a privilege. Fortunately, he is hale and hearty, so a pleasant visit.

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