Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day

Memorial Day certainly has more meaning today. The entire camp (including our Italian, Spanish and Slovenian colleagues) gathered as planned for observance, dedication and ceremony. Yesterday, a soldier assigned to a FOB in southern Herat Province 60 miles to the south lost his life in a fire fight with Taliban. So, we especially remember him and his family today. We planned to dedicate and name four buildings on the camp already to others who died in service in Herat Province. We will add one more. Names were read, the CO laid a wreath, our flag lowered to half mast and taps played. And we rededicate to the defense of freedom and our country.
Today is also the second anniversary of my taking the oath to defend the Constitution of the United States. Thank you all for the support, and especially my best friend and wife, Linda

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Cheryl said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of yet another soldier. I appreciate your Memorial Day post. We honored Memorial Day by flying our flag all weekend (during the day only since we don't have a light for it). I have a video of my 4-year-old grandson helping me place the tall flag pole in the permanent post in the ground in my front yard. It was great to give him his first lesson in respecting the flag and what it stands for. We raised the colors together in honor of all American soldiers who have given their lives as well as those who are currently serving.