Friday, May 16, 2008

Spring Festival

Great turnout today. We had a fun day of activities in the fall and planned this one for two months. Lots of competitions like 3-point shooting (won by a female Air Force medic), football toss (the Italians could not quite get the hang of an American football), horse shoes, water balloon toss (the final toss was almost 40 feet) and the perennial favorite, volley ball tournament. Shown are the Italians discovering the fun of trying to play catch with a water balloon. Also, a picture of our admin officer and me raffling a Wii and iPod to raise $$ for future fun. Eight 6-person teams competed in volley ball, including 3 Italian/Spanish teams, one team of Afghan interpreters and 4 mixed-service teams of Americans. Only disappointment was not being able to rent camels for photo ops. See the post for November 23.

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