Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back in Herat

Had a great time in Qatar but the travel is always a challenge. We finally got back to Herat on Sunday the 15th (Happy Father's Day) via Kabul since flights from Bagram are unreliable. We opened the door to our room to hundreds of balloons; shown is my bunk. We spent the next 20 minutes popping and cleaning up. This was funny at 9 PM; it would suck at 3 AM. We got a great laugh out of it.
Also shown is a team picture. Now that WE ARE GETTING CLOSE TO GOING HOME, no one can be on leave or pass. So, we are all here and took a pose on a Humvee. Yes, we are smiling. About 2 months to go and our replacements arrive in about 6 weeks.


Mary said...

so who put all those balloons in there?

LCDR Bruce said...

I'm on a team of 14 so my team mates pulled this prank.