Tuesday, August 12, 2008


During my year in west Afghanistan, we lost two American military from our base to hostile activity. One was a soldier who died in a firefight far to the south just before Memorial Day. The other was a Navy Corpsman (our version of medics) within the last week during activities far to the north. The first made our Memorial Day on Camp Stone that much more profound. The latter was observed even here in Camp Phoenix. Over 100 assembled to pay respects. Two of our Navy enlisted, one a corpsman, formed the honor guard. The National Anthem was played; the chaplain, another senior officer and the senior Navy Chief Petty Officer all spoke of this fine young man. The role was called; 3 others from Herat answered "Here, Chief"; the fallen sailor's name was then called three times with no answer. 21 gun salute was followed by taps. We could then each go forward to give our respects with a slow salute. Many left mementos to be forwarded to his widow and parents. I left a Command Coin from Herat. God bless this young man, his family, the suffering people of Afghanistan and our great country that believes in things worth dieing for.


Anonymous said...

Boy, that was a powerful blog. Made me feel like I was there paying tribute also. Not something I wanted to read, but how wonderful to know how you treat your own. And their families. Have been reading your blogs for some time now and will continue to follow it until all of your feet hit the soil in the U.S.A.. I wanted to let you know I have learned so much from them and glad that you did this. Is a way for us to get the "truth". I am so proud of all of you and what you have done while you have been there. I know all of you have left a print on the peoples hearts, you've touched there. Each of you in a differnet way. Thank you and God Bless you all on your jouney home. And bless your family for sharing you!

LCDR Bruce said...

Thank you so much for your kind comments. Who are you?

Anonymous said...

The cheifs mom. Sorry I usually sign my name. And your very welcome. Karen

Nessa's Dad said...

Those of us here grieve with the family, too. Thanks for the insight on the ceremony: very touching. Love you, bro', and looking forward to your safe return. - Dave (& family)

Tony said...

This is the first letter I'm writing, to say Thank you. My family and I are touched. I greatly appreciate everyone of you there at camp stone,the memorial service was honorable. Please reach out and take good care of our soldiers,sailors, airmen and marines, and I pray for everyones safety while there and a safe journey home.

Love and Prayers,

Tony Carbullido, The father of HM2 Anthony Mark Fejeran Carbullido 25 Aug 82 - 08 Aug 08

David Lemme said...

I had the opportunity to work very closely with HM2 Carbullido while I was in Herat. I returned to CONUS in April and just found out about his demise.
HM2 Carbullido was very excited about the opportunity to work out in the remote area where he was assigned. He was a capable, enthusiastic and committed young man. I know he was doing what he wanted to be doing. My only regret is that he will not be able to share with his family his love for the Afghan people and his military comrades.
Fair winds and following seas, Tony.
CDR David R. Lemme, MC, USN, FS
NavHosp Oak Harbor, WA 98278