Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thank you CAPT Richerson and family

Our team lead, CAPT Richerson and family provided the t shirts shown for the entire team of 14. His family also sent Halloween treats, goodies at Christmas and has generally helped lighten our days here.
The T-shirt: Operation Enduring Freedom is the overall mission name here in Afghanistan. The caduceus represents our medical orientation and mission. Herat is the nearest city and provincial capital. We're an embedded training team serving as mentors at the local hospital. Great and unique souvenir for just our team.


Denise Ryan said...

Thanks for what you're doing over there!!! We'll be thinking of you all back in the US on the 4th of July - you are true patriots.

Stay safe.

Anonymous said...

Ditto the first commet. On the 4th when they play "Proud To Be An American" you'll get some tears from me too!! And I sing it (and I can't sing) as loud as I!The tears will be because, I am so proud of all of you and appriciate everything you do. Am partial to my son Kelly and Grandson James who is serving in Kuwait right now. He drives security for troops going into Iraq and watching the video you had in another blog, really gave me an insite into what some go thru. And helps me realize my potholes I have at home, are nothing.
I asked an Italian friend about the feathers (a picture from another blog) and this was her response. Yes, I did get the pics of the jingle trucks and thought they were hilarious. I guess you have to have some beauty and fun in every life? I'm sure they think they're gorgeous. The reason some Italians wear feathers? There are a few areas (much like our Southerners and Northerners) who do this as it's a salute to their particular heritage. Nothing mysterious. Kinda like the Shriners and their hats with tassles.
Your new tshirts are a very special gift. I can see the HEARTs and THANK YOUs in them. Wear them with pride. Have a beautiful day and stay safe. Karen

LCDR Bruce said...

Wow! Thanks for the thanks! We are quite proud of the mission here and see good progress in the quality and quantity of care rendered here. We are all proud of our country and are here partly for that reason