Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Even a week in Afghanistan would make me appreciate our freedom, people and prosperity, let alone a year. We celebrated our 232nd birthday with a camp wide festival. Lots of good stuff to eat and enjoy. We had 3 on 3 basketball, 3 point shots, timed weapon assembly (shown), voting and absentee ballot registration (shown), a visit by a camel and donkey, a raffle, excellent barbecue and the always-popular volleyball tournament. About a dozen teams this time and shown is a shot of Chief Kelley going for a low one (successfully). Great turnout and a good time despite 106 degrees.


Gypsy at heart said...

Happy Fourth! and thank you all for protecting our freedom.

Anonymous said...

Well not much time left and you will all be home. In case I don't get to tell you, thank you for this blog. It has been very informative and interesting. Thanks for the picture of your handsom Chief Kelly also. Could you pass a message to him, to protect his body, as he has to put a new door in for his mother, when he visits. And also "nice hat"!! You're all in my prayers and thank you again. Karen