Saturday, July 5, 2008

Nice tribute from our Spanish colleagues

We share Camp Stone with Spanish, Italians and Slovenians. The following was sent to all of us from one of the Spanish officers:

It was between 1778 and 1783 when the Spanish Regimiento Fijo de Infantería de la Louisiana attacked and conquered Baton Rouge, Manchac, New Orleans, Mobile, the city and Bay of Pensacola and afterwards the whole Florida peninsula from British hands. Doing so, it opened the Caribbean Sea ports to the main flux of supplies for the new American Army. General Bernardo de Gálvez was the Commanding Officer of the Spanish forces supporting the American Revolution. The City of Galveston, Texas, was named after him.

This was part of the Spanish military contribution to the Independence of the United States of America. That is why on 8 November 1779 Thomas Jefferson wrote to General Gálvez, expressing his thanks for Spain's assistance to the revolutionary cause. George Washington toasted Spain for its support during the war and finally, in 1784 the U.S. Congress cited General Galvez and the Spanish government for their aid during the Revolution.

Today, as we did then, the Spanish military, who come from one of the eldest nations in the world want, once again, to congratulate our American friends on their Independence Day.

We wish you a lovely day. We also encourage you to follow the struggle for Justice and Freedom all around the world. In your effort Spain will never let the US walk alone.

Yours respectfully,

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Nessa's Dad said...

Truly the sovereign grace of God acting through many nations and peoples that has both created and preserved this country for its relatively short yet storied tenure. Countless thanks to you and your comrades for passing the torch to new peoples - paying it forward! Love you, bro'. - Dave