Thursday, July 24, 2008

Operation Medical Libraries Donation

On 22 July, close to a ton of books and journals were donated to the Herat Regional Military Hospital and the Herat Medical Faculty of Herat University. These were provided by Operation Medical Libraries ( email or website under the tireless leadership of founder Valerie Walker at UCLA.
The Dean, chairs of surgery and medicine and two other senior faculty visited the hospital and were thrilled to receive such a large and much-needed donation. Shown is Dr. Said Azim Hussaini, the deputy commander/executive officer of the hospital, giving a tour to the faculty. Also shown is some of the books for the presentation. The next photo is a shot of the faculty. The last one shows me presenting a book to the Dean, Dr. G. N. Aram. The Dean expressed great gratitude and hopes for continued support in the future. He hopes to create a collaboration with an American medical school, and I will solicit my alma mater, Wayne State University in Detroit.
About 300 additional pounds of literature arrived the day before the presentation, and these were distributed. In the two subsequent days, we received 3 boxes more boxes from UCLA weighing over 100 pounds total. These will be handed off to my replacement who arrives shortly. He is Dr. Frank Gutierrez and has graciously agreed to continue the program as point of contact. Thanks Valerie, thanks Dr. Azim and thanks Frank!

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