Thursday, July 10, 2008

Visitors & Compliments

We received visits from docs stationed in Kabul. One shows Air Force Col. Hall and Navy CAPT May, both physicians, who are senior mentors to the Afghan Surgeon General, MG Yaftali. They visited, met and toured for 2 days as part of their responsibilities with the Combined Security Transition Command-Afghanistan. Also shown is Navy CDR Huynh, a trauma/combat surgeon who mentors surgeons at the National Military Hospital. She is demonstrating a small portable diagnostic ultrasound that can quickly diagnose internal bleeding in the abdomen. She also gave a series of lectures on quickly managing injuries. All of our visitors complimented us on the progress the Herat Regional Military Hospital has made and unabashedly rated us the best of all the military hospitals, including the 400 bed National Military Hospital. The hard work and persistence pays off!

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Mark said...

Hum, a Deschere getting making a difference and getting a great rating. That sounds new (not).