Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hot, hot, hot

The hottest time of the summer. Highs 97 to 104 with 100+ most days. Light winds at sunrise then 30-40 MPH by midday and blowing grit. Gawd, I'll miss this place. We do 2 round trips to the hospital most days, about a klick each way, so about 2.5 total each day. Feels like you opened an oven. Can't wait to be back in balmy Pensacola where it's only 95 every day.
We continue on with the teaching and patient care. 3 patients were in the ICU yesterday and seemed to be getting the right kind of care. One of the midwives consulted me on a lady issue and was grateful for the info I shared.
We also had visits from an ANA General, a district commander for the police and an important village leader who brought his son (broke his leg in a motorcycle accident).
Despite the news from Afghanistan, our part of the country is quite peaceful, so don't worry y'all. I'll be home in a month or so.


TJM wanna be quilt artist said...

I am so very glad you posted the info about your area being safe..the news over here is showing many of our service members in danger. I hope your next month passes quickly and safe journey home for you. Congrat's on your daughter's engagemnent. I'm looking forward to her wedding! Teddi Munslow

Anonymous said...

Ditto, the news is not looking good lately. Should you run into a wonderful Chaplain (Cpt. Dawn Sheldon) be sure to tell her hello from her husband. Thank you for your continued service, and may God richly bless you.
Jason Sheldon

Anonymous said...

You all are in our constant thoughts and prayers. The education and support that you are providing to the Afghan people will have a lasting effect. Please keep safe and we will greet you upon your return. Oakleaf club of Pensacola

LCDR Bruce said...

Thank you one and all: Teddi, Jason and Teresa. Cpt Sheldon is our base chaplain and a very energetic enthusiastic pastor. I will pass your hello to her. Thank you all for the great support!