Thursday, July 31, 2008

Welcome new team

Welcome to the hospital to the new Navy Medical Embedded Training Team! They arrived after 60 hours of travel from Kansas to Herat. We helped them unload, got them dinner and then they showered and zonked. We gave a general tour the next afternoon at the hospital. The following morning, we took our individual replacements and started showing routine duties at the hospital. Shown is the new team in the ICU. The subsequent morning, we did quick rounds and then took them on the obligatory tour of the bakery where they make the flat bread, naan, in fired ovens. Shown are CDR Boehnke who is replacing (shown) LCDR Sylvester as chief nurse mentor. Also shown is CDR(Select) Gutierrez, an emergency medicine doc and my replacement. Finally is a picture of Dr. Gutierrez and one of the OR nurses; they have a striking resemblance that all the hospital staff commented on. It was quiet at the hospital for the first few days. Then 3 ICU admissions over 3 days: a bleeding ulcer, an elderly man in liver failure, and a girl badly injured by a vehicle (she should make it). Two admissions occurred at night and they requested we go over and help assess. So, a busy few days, but that is atypical. Good intro though.

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Sheila said...

LCDR Bruce, my mother-in-law just found your site and told me about it as my husband is one of the sailors there to replace your team. His name is HMC Smith. Its been nice to get an idea of what it's like over there. Needless to say, she was thrilled to see a picture of Kevin in your blog. Hope you have a safe trip home. Sheila Smith