Friday, August 1, 2008

Hospital Farewell

The hospital outdid itself with the biggest party ever given there (well, it's only 2 years old). They moved all the chairs into the lobby to say farewell and give thanks to the 13 Navy on our team leaving soon. Each of us received certificates from the Corps Major General Jandalar (shown), who is in charge of the Afghan Army for all of west Afghanistan. The hospital commanding officer Col Alcozai also presented certificates signed by him and the Surgeon General, Major General Yaftali. We received either a jama (loose Afghan clothing) and a beaded cap or a rug. I received a nice wool rug, hand stitched in Herat, depicting the two hemispheres with America and Afghanistan, and clasped hands showing friendship. One photo shows me receiving it from the CO. A wonderful gift. We had to miss part of the ceremony caring for an ICU patient, but it was quite special anyway. We bid farewell to our good friends and take pride in making the Herat Regional Military Hospital the most highly reputed in the country.

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