Saturday, August 9, 2008

Keeping productive

Doing lots of internet stuff, even keeping up with the bills at home. Watched some movies, working out (not easy 6000 feet above Navy, I mean sea level) and shooting the breeze with the guys I trained with. Most of the 160 from who trained with us at Ft. Riley are now back. I completed some online med education. Finally, I visited the clinic here at Camp Phoenix and they were happy to have a volunteer. So, I've attended a couple of clinic sessions to take the load of the current providers, teach a bit to the medics and get re-familiar with the online medical record AHLTA again. Home in 12 days, or, as my erstwhile roommate would say, 11 days and a wakeup!


Murph said...

Old Army time-killing stand-by: Spades.

LCDR Bruce said...

I guess I need to learn that game.