Wednesday, August 6, 2008


That's the "A Little Travelling Music" stance from Jackie Gleason as "away we go" in front of my empty rack. Next is my roommate Don, myself and our team leader CAPT Richerson in front of the HUMVEEs that took us to Herat Airport. The third photo shows the exit from Camp Zafar, the ANA base adjacent to ours. This takes us out to the main road to the airport. Finally, a shot of the control tower at Herat Airport with "goodbye" in Dari and English.
Not much to do here in Kabul, so I work out, read, watch movies and do online medical education. Home in 2 weeks!


Gypsy at heart said...

Many thanks to you all and your families! I know they will be as happy to have you home as you are to get there.
My son-in-law is coming home on R&R from his 3rd tour in Iraq, so we have some knowldge of what you all are experiencing.
Than you again for protecting our freedom and helping make the world a little better place.

Nessa's Dad said...

Dick Vitale was looking over my shoulder as I read this post and replied, "Awesome, Boody!" :^)

Love you, bro'! To quote Bugs, "Bon voyajee!"